Adsenselab Comes with the functionality where you can search for trending keywords, there are the keywords which are searched over the internet more frequently, you can also get ideas for your campaign which will give you more edge to get more better traffic for your websites.

To Search for Trending Subjects Follow Below Process.

Step 1 -: Login into Adsenselab, in the left menu, click on Trend Search.

Step 2 -: There are several types of trending content you can search via trend search option, detailed description as below

  1. Trending Searches -: Required Parameter "Region" which is City or Country Name, if country name is having space in it then use underscores in place of space. Whenever you use this option it returns you the result set of trending keywords and subjects for that particular region. below is an example.

    I Used Region as united_states to find results for the United States.

  2. Interest by Region -: When you search any keyword for example "Politics" the application will respond you with a countrywide rating of keyword, so from this option you can understand which keyword is trending in which country and accordingly can create a campaign

  3. Suggestions -: When you search any keyword for example "Politics" the application will respond you with a list of trending topics for particular subject or keyword.

  4. Top Charts -: When you select the year in this option, the application gets back to you with popular keywords and subjects for that selected year.

Step 3 -: once you have selected the subject for your campaign, click on the green get the suggestion button. once you select a suggestion and click create a campaign button the campaign creation UI will be loaded, please refer below screenshot

Please create a ticket if you need any help regarding the above options.